Captain Vladimir Spektor is the leader of a notorious gang of space pirates.

Persona Edit

Vladimir, is a diabolical terrorist like pirate, who will do anything to get what he wants. He is cunning and clever like most villains as he often comes up with well thought plans. Spektor also has a homicidal side to him, as when he takes hostages he will make threats to kill them, despite that he believes a dead hostage will be worthless to get his demands met.

He seems to have a softer side, as he is very close with his only daughter, Veronika.

Physical Description Edit

Vladimir is a rugged grey ferret who speaks in a thick Russian accent. His attire is an old privateer uniform, which mostly consist of a blue button up shirt, a red vest, cargo pants and boots. He also sports a pair of goggles, one lens clear, the other opaque.

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