Thomas "Tom" Hughes is one of the close friends of Abby Clapton.

Character description Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Tom is a German Shepherd

Tom is also strong and buff as well - when he was young, his father taught him the art of boxing and mixed martial arts, and he gave him knowledge about firearms and other weapons.

Persona Edit

Although Thomas is rebellious with a bit of a temper, he deeply cares about his friends and family, especially for his ill father. He has a kinder side and often shows it to his female friends.

He has come down on depression since the death of his mother. He often would like to be alone, though he would enjoy the company of his friends.

Background Edit

Thomas grew up in Vancouver and went to school with Abby Clapton. He lived with his mother and father, though he never was close with his dad Thomas Maxwell, who worked a full time job as a defense worker for the military. As Tom grew older, his mother passed away and his father came down with Alzheimer's disease.

Tom spent lots of time with his friends; he's especially close with Tiffany, as they share the same interests in heavy metal. He also is great friends with Abby and her family often comes to help his ill father.

Creator's Notes Edit

  • Artist, Jake Elmer states that Tom is named after his favorite musician Tom DeLonge, current member of "Angels and Airwaves" and former singer/guitarist of the Punk band "Blink-182."
    • It's also argued that Tom was named after "Thomas the Tank Engine".
  • Speaking of coincidences, the name of Tom's father may have been inspired by Maxie, one of the main characters from Jordann Edwards' The Dynamite Twins and Friends (set in the same shared universe).

Trivia Edit

  • Tom is one of the few original characters created by Jake Elmer, and fully developed by Craig Black.
  • He was taught how to play guitar by his love interest, Tiffany.
    • Tiffany gave him a worn out use Acoustic Guitar with various band stickers and writing on it.
  • Both Abby and Sam are attracted to him, despite him being taken.
  • His favorite bands is are Zebrahead and D.R.I.

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