The Mystery Of The Transport Convoy
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date October 23rd 2015
Written by Craig Black
Directed by Craig Black
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The Mystery of the Transport Convoy is the fourth episode of the first season.

Plot Edit

During a supply run to the Sorados Beta System, a convoy of freighters mysteriously vanishes. Jaws is called in to help escort the next supply convoy, but while traveling through the Corona Asteroid Belt, they are intercepted by Federation warships. Jaws manages to destroy the fleet, and determines them to have come from the nearby planet of Darwin IV.

Jaws decides to investigate, not realizing that Commander Barratt has led her into a trap. As Jaws approaches the Darwin base, Barratt opens fire on her. The Stellar Typhoon manages to hold its own for a little while, but soon becomes overpowered.

Jaws then orders the launch of the Capital Fighters to attack the base. The attack is a success, and Commander Barratt is forced to retreat. The supply convoy is able to reach Sorados Beta without further issue, and Jaws is congratulated on her skill and initiative.

Characters Edit

  • Jaws MacTaggart
  • Leslie Kennedy
  • Blackmask
  • Kyoko Mori
  • Alasdair Geddes
  • Commander Barratt
  • Captain Mandarin
  • Lieutenant McMurdo
  • Captain Coldmain

Characters introduced Edit

  • Dimitri
  • R.L
  • Kodo (Does not speak)

Locations Edit

  • Arcturus V
  • Santa Granada
  • Corona Belt
  • Darwin IV
  • Sorados Beta VII
  • Eileandu (Mentioned)

Mecha Edit

  • Stellar Typhoon
  • Capital Fighters
  • Oshan Akuma
  • Stellar Blizzard
  • Rebel Freighters

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jaws' secret base, and by extension the rest of the planet Santa Granada. It also marks the first appearance of the Galactic Liberation Front.
  • This episode also features the first instance of Alasdair referring to Kyoko as his kitten.

Episode Edit