The Jolly Roger Of The Stars
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date October 2nd 2015
Written by Craig Black
Directed by Craig Black
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This is the first episode! Learning The Ropes
The Jolly Roger Of The Stars is the first episode of the first season of the original story of Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart, and the first episode overall.

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In the year 3009 A.D, the Stellar Federation battlecruiser Oshan Akuma comes under attack from the pirate cruiser Stellar Typhoon, on the outskirts of the Procyon System. The Typhoon manages to rise victorious easily, thanks to the cunning of its captain, one Jaws MacTaggart.

Meanwhile, on the planet Procyon VI, Alasdair Geddes is leading a miserable existence, forced to work as an engineer for his uncle Stanley's transport business. However, during a routine flight, a freighter Alasdair is working onboard gets intercepted by pirates, during which he falls unconscious.

When he next awakes, Alasdair finds himself confronted with Kyoko Mori, the staggeringly beautiful Chief Engineer of the Stellar Typhoon. After introducing himself to both Kyoko and Jaws, Alasdair begs for them to let him stay onboard the Typhoon. Jaws agrees, but Alasdair soon finds himself being thrown into the heat of a battle with the Oshan Akuma.

While Jaws does her best to try and fight the Akuma, Alasdair is tasked with making some vital repairs to the Typhoon's trump card; a trio of lightning cannons collectively known as the Trinity Cannon. With Kyoko's help, Alasdair manages to get the Cannon working again, and the Oshan Akuma is successfully driven away.

Jaws congratulates Alasdair for his work, which has secured him a place onboard the Stellar Typhoon. As he retires to bed in his new cabin, Alasdair senses that this could be the beginning of a whole new life for him...

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  • This episode's working title was She's The Famous Space Pirate.
  • Alasdair's exchange with the park statue was heavily inspired by the opening scene of the 1979 Scottish movie, That Sinking Feeling.
  • To date, this is the only instance where Commander Barratt works with someone other than Captain Mandarin, even if only for the first half of the episode.

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