Tails from the Federation is the name of a British-American transmedia franchise centered around collection of science fantasy stories. It is a franchise brand of ColorWorld Productions. Created by Craig Black, Jacob Elmer, Jordann William Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan, the franchise takes parts of the original Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart stories, in order to develop a cohesive and consistent storyline with the rest of the ColorWorld Universe.

History Edit

Development Edit

In 2015, Craig Black was developing the MacTaggart stories, and would plan out an initial round of 13 "episodes". Beforehand, he has hired close friend and fellow artist Jake Elmer to illustrate for the series.

Once Jordann Edwards discovered that there was potential to expand beyond MacTaggart, he began writing down ideas. The pair began discussing ideas for where to go beyond this wild world. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Mogan was influenced by what Black was doing, and created Ghosts of Earth.

Edwards and Mogan began exchanging concepts, and, upon discovering what might be a potential story for Darkblade, started developing what would become Bloody Cutlass. Black would then entrust them in creating the actual stories.

Unfortunately, due to focusing on her own stories, Mogan decided to step away, and declared Ghosts of Earth "dead". She stated that, aside from the story of Darkblade setting the basis for Bloody Cutlass, she admitted that she had nothing else to offer in terms of contribution. At the same time, Edwards opted to take a break from the collection in order to similarly focus on developing The Dynamite Twins and strengthening ColorWorld overall. Before leaving, he was already merging the concepts of Ghosts into MacTaggart and Cutlass, to give Black and Elmer further inspiration.

Creative differences and execution Edit

In July 2017, the crew has had a bout of infighting regarding the series itself, due to a simple mistake regarding pieces of fan art. Things came to a head when Jordann Edwards announced he was no longer contributing to the original story. He wanted to focus on developing The Dynamite Twins and Friends and Dragon Mages, while taking what was already written in the original MacTaggart stories, and adapting them to create a cohesive setting for the ColorWorld Universe. Jake Elmer made an announcement of his own, stating he was taking a temporary hiatus due to his depression, while also remarking that he doesn't get as much credit as the other three. Mogan also decided to back out, admitting that she had little to offer. Despite all of this, all four are now equally credited, not just for creating and developing MacTaggart and the Tails franchise, but the ColorWorld Universe as a whole.

Starting over Edit

As Craig Black winds down his original story, Jordann Edwards has started building up the ColorWorld Universe, and he has been helping Black and Elmer overhaul not just their stories, but those of The Dynamite Twins and Friends, while also creating Dragon Mages. He's enlisted Joey Carlon and Douglas Marshall to contribute as well.

Stories Edit

Current Edit

Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart Edit

Created by Craig Black, Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart centers around Jaws MacTaggart and her fight against the Federation and the Empire.

Bloody Cutlass Edit

Bloody Cutlass is a series of stories centering around pirate captain Darkblade. It is a spin-off of MacTaggart, and a stand-alone sequel to Ghosts of Earth. It was created by Edwards and Mogan when they were developing different ideas.

In development Edit

Zander Dodgers Edit

Zander Dodgers is being developed as a film that takes place before the events of MacTaggart. It focuses on a dog who gets entangled in a war.

The Syndicate of Time and Space Edit

A new spin-off is in the works by Jordann Edwards, focusing on a mysterious dimensional traveller who assembles a group of familiar faces in the ColorWorld Universe to stop threats from messing with all of time and space.

The Lumarions Edit

A possible sequel series, entitled The Lumarions, is being discussed, with Jake Elmer and Joey Carlon helming development. The story so far centers around a younger crew recruited by a rogue warrior from a post-apocalyptic future, in a new force disguised as an interstellar courier service, having to contend with pirates, rival traders and a potential uprising of sympathizers to the cause of the former Midori Empire.

Cancelled Edit

Ghosts of Earth Edit

Ghosts of Earth was originally set before the events of MacTaggart, centered around Captain Willow and her voyage back home on Earth. Mogan cancelled the series as she has no intent on continuing development.

Music Edit

Original scores Edit

Black has been looking for composers for the animated adaptations of MacTaggart and Cutlass. There are also plans to release albums with all the incidental scores from the series.

Soundtracks and compilations Edit

Two soundtracks are in development: one, the Edwards-produced A Stellar Voyage, has more orchestra, urban, and electronic influence; another, the Elmer-produced Space Pirates Rock!, consists entirely of heavy metal, hard rock and punk rock songs.

Comics Edit

It has been recently implied that comic books and graphic novels are in development to promote the series, for both MacTaggart & Bloody Cutlass.

Radio Edit

Edwards has had a concept of a radio/podcast tie-in, called TFTF Pirate Radio. The exact nature of this tie-in is currently unknown, though it has been suggested that it could take the form of an in-universe pirate radio station.

Crew Edit

  • Craig Black - co-creator of Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart, writer, brand manager and franchise editor
  • Jake Elmer - co-creator of MacTaggart, brand manager, franchise editor, writer, executive lead artist
  • Jordann William Edwards - co-creator of Bloody Cutlass, franchise editor, writer, concept artist
  • Elizabeth Mogan - co-creator of Bloody Cutlass
  • Joey Carlon - story and character development
  • Douglas Marshall - science/tech concept contributor

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