This article is about the animated series. For the franchise as a whole, see Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart. Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart, also known as SPCM or Captain MacTaggart, is a planned animated web television series, created by Craig Black, Jacob Elmer, Jordann Edwards, and Elizabeth Mogan. It is being developed to air on YouTube. Unlike the original story, the animated series is created within the official canon of the ColorWorld Universe.

The series plans to have writers from other works. The creators plan to have the show being produced by MajesticBlue Studios (through its ColorWorld unit), with Black, Elmer, Edwards, and Mogan as executive producers.

The series, like the original, revolves around Captain Jaws MacTaggart, and her crew of misfits on board the Stellar Typhoon, who lead a fight against the Stellar Federation, while dealing with problems both in the ship and out in deep space.

Creator Craig Black has hinted that when production of the animated series does start, he plans to rewrite the storyline from scratch, so that it would fully integrate to the Universe as a whole.

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While the Dynamite Twins are busy taking care of Earth-level threats, the Stellar Federation has gained a stronghold for a majority of the galaxy. What they probably didn't expect was a former soldier named Captain Jaws MacTaggart. She leads a motley crew of otherwise unorthodox misfits as part of a resistance movement for the freedom of the galaxy. However, out of the darkest corners of space, the mysterious and vicious Midori has plans of her own for this galaxy...

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Here's what the production team would like to set for the series:

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Jake Elmer and Jordann Edwards will also make cameo appearances.

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Craig Black had first developed the characters as part of a fan-fiction story for a British hospital radio show. Due to legal troubles, he was forced to rewrite the characters, thus developing a completely original story in the process.

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As Black wrote the original stories, Edwards has used them as the basis for the ColorWorld Universe, creating a Universe bible that would ensure a consistent combined setting that would be easier for the characters to cross over.

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Production would be done mainly in MajesticBlue Animation's Klondike Creative Studios locations in

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As part of the ColorWorld Universe, references to other series within the setting are frequent.


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Like the rest of the Universe, social media and fan participation play a huge role in keeping it going.

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