Space Pirate  is a song written and preformed by Jake Elmer, made for the series.The song is said to be a parody of "The Passenger" by Rock singer, Iggy Pop.        


Background Edit

the origin of the song started when Jake was listening to Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" album while re-reading the episode "Night Train to Glasmuir" and felt the song "the Passenger" was a fitting song. He later began practicing the song on his acoustic guitar, but was still thinking about the series then the lyrics came to him. Elmer states       

"​I always listen to old Rock albums while I read, and Iggy Pop is the grandfather of Punk Rock. I also felt the series needed a theme song, like Spider-Man did when he got his own cartoon. My good friend, Samuel Solema is the king of spoofing, so I thought I get in on that."

Music and Lyrics Edit

The music to the song itself sounds quite similar to the original Iggy Pop tune. With a clean repeating power chord riff on acoustic guitar with lyrical content about Jaws MacTaggart and her adventures.

Trivia Edit

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