Slabs Of Stone With Words On Them is the eleventh episode of the first season.

Slabs Of Stone With Words On Them
Season 1, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date December 11th 2015
Written by Craig Black
Directed by Craig Black
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Plot Edit

One cold November morning, the crew of the Stellar Typhoon touch down outside the town of Glasmuir, on Leslie's former home planet of Eileandu. Leslie intends to pay her respects to her late mother Argyll, who perished in the Sorados Civil War.

Meanwhile, Commander Barratt is once again on the prowl for Jaws. Captain Mandarin manages to track down the Stellar Typhoon orbiting Eileandu, and Barratt manages to deduce Jaws' exact location by remembering that one of her crew is native to this planet.

While looking around the dunes outside Glasmuir, Kyoko and Alasdair find themselves being attacked by a lone squirrel. After making a hurried return to the town, the squirrel confronts them, only to then recognize Leslie, who introduces him as her younger brother Oliver.

Oliver then joins Jaws and her crew, as they make their way to the memorial laid down for Argyll and other casualties of the War. However, while there, they suddenly find themselves intercepted by Commander Barratt. Jaws attempts her usual verbal sniping, but Barratt counters back by revealing that, back when she was still in the Stellar Federation, Jaws had actually signed the order to attack the planet Eileandu, in a bid to end the War on the planet.

This revelation manages to break Jaws, leaving her seemingly powerless to fight back as Commander Barratt's troops disembark from the Oshan Akuma. However, Oliver refuses to be beaten so easily, and suddenly rallies in forces of his own from out of the trees.

Once the battle is in full swing, Oliver quickly ushers Jaws and her crew away, and they take off back towards the Stellar Typhoon. However, even though she's now safe, Jaws can't help but feel guilty for being the cause of all the destruction on Eileandu, and decides to do something about it; that night, she contacts R.L, and puts forward a proposal for the Galactic Liberation Front to construct a new base on Eileandu. When R.L asks who Jaws had in mind for commanding this new base, she replies, "Just this guy I know...A guy by the name of Oliver Kennedy..."

Characters Edit

  • Jaws MacTaggart
  • Leslie Kennedy
  • Blackmask
  • Kyoko Mori
  • Alasdair Geddes
  • Commander Barratt
  • Captain Mandarin
  • Lieutenant McMurdo
  • R.L
  • Galactic President (Mentioned)

Characters Introduced

  • Oliver Kennedy

Locations Edit

  • Deep Space
  • Eileandu
  • Glasmuir
  • The Sands

Mecha Edit

  • Stellar Typhoon
  • Elite Transporter
  • Oshan Akuma

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Episode Edit