The first series of the Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart animated series, based on characters created by Craig Black, revolves around Captain Jaws MacTaggart and her crew of misfits on board the Stellar Typhoon. Like its parent franchise, it is set in the official canon of the ColorWorld Universe, sharing continuity with The Dynamite Twins and Friends and Dragon Mages. It is produced by MajesticBlue Studios, with creator Craig Black as showrunner and consultant, and Jordann Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan as executive producers and showrunners.

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1 The "Famous" Space Pirate Jordann Edwards Story: Craig Black, Jacob Elmer, Jordann Edwards, and Elizabeth Mogan
2 The "Famous" Space Pirate Jordann Edwards
3 Showdown on Sirius IV
4 The Transport Convoy
5 The Green Fox
6 The Green Fox
7 MacTaggart in Paradise
8 The Diamond in the Ruff
9 Slabs of Stone
10 Treasure in the Cosmos

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1S I'll Be Home for Christmas

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