Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart is an epic space opera comedy adventure based on characters created by Craig Black. It is part of the Tails from the Federation storyline set in the ColorWorld Universe, sharing continuity with The Dynamite Twins and Friends, Ghosts of Earth, and other series. The fourth season of the original story commenced on April 28th 2017, and ended on July 21st of that same year.

Episodes Edit

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40 1 Calm Before The Storm Warden (Part 1) Craig Black April 28th 2017
41 2 Calm Before The Storm Warden (Part 2) Craig Black May 5th 2017
42 3 The Duel For The Pirate Maiden Craig Black May 12th 2017
43 4 A Scrap With Some Rats Craig Black May 19th 2017
44 5 You See Your Gypsy... Craig Black May 26th 2017
45 6 Attack On Tiree Outpost Craig Black June 2nd 2017
46 7 Commander Barratt's Medal Craig Black June 9th 2017
47 8 Getting The Band Back Together Craig Black June 16th 2017
48 9 Smoking Hot Kyoko Craig Black June 23rd 2017
49 10 Captain Darkblade Rides Again Craig Black June 30th 2017
50 11 An Audience With Jaws MacTaggart Craig Black July 7th 2017
51 12 Ghost In The Typhoon (Part 1) Craig Black Jordann William Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan July 14th 2017
52 13 Ghost In The Typhoon (Part 2) Craig Black Jordann William Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan July 21st 2017