Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart is an epic space opera comedy adventure based on characters created by Craig Black. It is set in the MajesticBlue Transmedia Universe, sharing continuity with The Dynamite Twins and Friends, Ghosts of Earth, and other franchises. The third season of the original story commenced September 30th 2016, and ended on December 23rd of that same year.

Episodes Edit

No. overall No. in season



Additional Material Air Date
27 1 Her Majesty's Revenge & Conquest - pt. 1 Craig Black 30th September 2016
28 2 Her Majesty's Revenge & Conquest - pt. 2 Craig Black 7th October 2016
29 3 Finbar & The Black Fox Craig Black 14th October 2016
30 4 Supply Run To Regent's Crossing Craig Black 21st October 2016
31 5 Barratt's Privateers Craig Black 28th October 2016
32 6 Escape From Cobia Prime Craig Black 4th November 2016
33 7 The Ghost Fleet Craig Black 11th November 2016
34 8 The Vixen & The Scottish Wildcat Craig Black 18th November 2016
35 9 Welcome To The Jungle Craig Black 25th November 2016
36 10 The Planet Of Eternal War Craig Black 2nd December 2016
37 11 The Deserter Craig Black 9th December 2016
38 12 Attack Of The Traitor Kennedy Craig Black 16th December 2016
39 13 The Late, Great Ollie Ace Craig Black Jordann William Edwards 23rd December 2016

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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