Samantha "Sam" Rhys is a character from the Tails from the Federation franchise. She is the neighbour and close friend of Abby Clapton.

Character description Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Sam is a Welsh Foxhound. She wears a lot of nice clothes but would mostly wear a grey tanktop and jeans. Sam also sports glasses.

Persona Edit

Sam, being the "rich girl", has a narcissistic, snobby attitude and tends to brag a lot about herself; she's been known to be intelligent as well and thinks of herself as the smartest of her friends. Though she isn't totally self-absorbed, as she has great respect and feelings towards her friends, especially Abby, who as been her childhood friend for a long time. She's also a bisexual, and often shows affection to both Abby and Tom.

Background Edit

Samantha was born and raised in Wales, to a wealthy and successful family. It wasn't until she was almost seven when her father's business began to expand across the pond and, as a result, they moved to Vancouver, Canada, where she became best friends with Abby Clapton.

Trivia Edit

  • Her town of birth, Cwmderi, is the main setting for the classic Welsh soap opera Pobol Y Cwm. This particular town is fictional, although it is located near the real-life River Gwendraeth.
  • Sam and her parents still speak the Welsh lagnuage, so English happens to be her second language.
  • Sam's parents signed her up for violin and piano lessons when she was five, so she is a fan of classical orchestra music. However, she is also a fan of Led Zeppelin.
  • She also has a rose tattoo on her upper back.

Creator's notes Edit

  • Sam's last name was originally "Rees"; however, Craig Black felt it'd be much better to change the spelling to "Rhys", since it fits with her Welsh background.