Samantha Rhys (also known as Sam) is the neighbour and close friend of Abby Clapton.

Background Edit

Samantha was born and raised in Wales, to a wealthy and successful family. It wasn't until she was almost seven when her father's business began to expand across the pond and, as a result, they moved to Vancouver, Canada, where she became best friends with Abby Clapton.

Persona Edit

Sam, being the "rich girl", has a narcissistic, snobby attitude and tends to brag a lot about herself; she's been known to be intelligent as well and thinks of herself as the smartest of her friends. Though she isn't totally self-absorbed, as she has great respect and feelings towards her friends, especially Abby, who as been her childhood friend for a long time. She's also a bisexual, and often shows affection to both Abby and Tom.

Physical Description Edit

Creator's notes Edit

  • Sam's last name was originally to be spelled "Rees" however Craig Black felt it work much better if her name was pronounced "Rhys", since it is more common in the Celtic language.

Trivia Edit

  • Her town of birth, Cwmderi, happens to be the main setting for the classic Welsh soap opera Pobol Y Cwm. This particular town is fictional, although it is located near the real-life River Gwendraeth.
  • Sam and her parents still speak the Welsh lagnuage, so English happens to be her second language.
  • Sam's parents signed her up for violin and piano lessons when she was five, so she is a fan of classical orchestra music.
    • though she is also a fan of Led Zeppelin.
  • She also has a rose tattoo on her upper back.

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