Rhiannon is a character who first appears in Bloody Cutlass. She is the current Second Mate on board the titular ship.

Character description Edit

Physical Edit

Rhi is a mysterious character. She has layered red hair with a light gray streak up front. She has wolf ears and a wolf tail.

She is usually seen in a red outfit, with a long red hooded cloak cloak.

Persona Edit

She is usually seen as very bookish, and concerning.

Being part werewolf, she does transform at will, but there is that "time of the month", when she goes crazy, and much more lustful, to the arousal of Darkblade.

Background Edit

Her father was a werewolf, and her mother was a witch. In her words, it was a Romeo and Juliet-style love story, since they were "star-crossed lovers".

After she was born, her mother was banished from her circle, whereas her father was shunned. Things came to a head years later when both of her parents were murdered. The child would then be raised by her grandmother. One day, while delivering food to her, she witnessed her seemingly sick grandmother transform, exposing her as a werewolf.

Trivia Edit

  • This character was inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood because of her red cloak. However, there is a twist - she was also inspired by the wolf in that very story.

Creators' notes Edit