Paul Cadenza is a character from the epic space adventure Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

Persona Edit

Paul comes across as a little concerned, but unlike his former crewmates, he's more levelheaded, but when it comes to swordfights...

Physical Description Edit

Like his relatives, Paul has what he calls the "Cadenza strain", dating back to his ancestor; the most notable effect is that his fur maintains a bluish hue. He has dark brown "hair" at the top.

He's usually seen wearing "casual" clothing, possibly to hide the fact that he's a space pirate. However, in Death On Canopus III, he is seen wearing a naval uniform.

Background Edit

Paul comes from a huge dynasty of space pirates from the English-settled planet of Azaqu. Despite being of Portuguese-Italian ancestry, he and his relatives speak English fluently for that reason.

Once, he was conscripted into Captain Darkblade's crew on board the Bloody Cutlass as a "cartographer".

During Jaws MacTaggart's treasure hunt, his cover was seemingly blown, as she thought that she was led into a trap by Darkblade, but Paul turns on his former captain, revealing that he staged a mutiny along with the Cutlass crew. A sword fight ensued between Jaws and Paul, but Paul ended up being caught out by Jaws' artificial arm, and lost the fight as a result.

Afterwards, Paul took up the pursuit of the exploration of uncharted space, using a ship called the Windswept for that purpose. It was while carrying out such a task that Paul was coerced into rescuing Kyoko Mori, after she was kidnapped by Captain Darkblade.

Trivia Edit

  • Not only is he an expert swordsman, but he's very good at cricketing.

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