Morag Geddes was the mother of both Alasdair and Valerie Geddes. Sadly, she was killed by the Stellar Federation under unknown circumstances, but Alasdair will speak nothing but praise for her.

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Little is actually known about Morag, other than what Alasdair has said about her. However, what little information he's revealed tells us that Morag was a wonderful, free-spirited woman, and a kind and caring mother.

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Morag was relatively short compared to her son, standing at only 3 feet six inches. She had hazel eyes, and matching brown hair, which she generally let down, to her shoulders.

Morag could generally be seen wearing a pink-purple strapless dress, with various adornments. Among these were a gold belt, matching bracelets on both wrists, and a similar belt around the top of the dress. Most of the time, Morag was content to go barefoot, but if this was ever unsuitable, she would wear a pair of sandals, as a compromise.

The most notable physical aspect of Morag was the amethyst necklace she wore around her neck. At some point before her death, she passed this on to Alasdair. As this is the last reminder he has of her, Alasdair always wears it, and treasures it dearly.

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