Mirabelle Stark is a character who will appear in the second wave of Bloody Cutlass stories, The Fallen Angels.

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Mirabelle was born in Paris to parents Charles and Amia Stark. Both parents were engineers and scientists. Growing up, she had a pretty rough childhood, as she moved almost constantly. By 16, she was enrolled to a prestigious science and technology college for two years.

The family settled in the United States, where they were representing France as part of the Stellar Exodus. This was especially exciting for Mira as she'd always wanted to go to space. By her 20th birthday, during her journey to the stars, her parents mysteriously vanished. After months of searching for answers, she stumbled upon her parents' research - a study of time-space anomalies.

The First Star Fleet Edit

Mirabelle was working alongside the First Star Fleet to study the Stone of Dimensions, one of the Stones of the Cosmos. The engineers created three devices: a staff, a jewel, and a cog, known collectively as the Colvin Triad. Around that time, they also accidentally created a rift in time and space.

Through the Rift Edit

Mirabelle then followed through the Rift with Grey, who took her in as one of the heirs of Herfang.

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She took a life of crime, becoming the Scarlet Devil. She worked her way up, and when Grey vanished, she took over as the leader of the Herfang Pirates. She would end up becoming one of the notorious crime bosses in the cosmos.

Trivia Edit

  • This character was created by Jordann William Edwards and Joey Carlon. Initially, they created her as an antagonist to an ill-fated webcomic, His 7 Valkyries, but after having a major falling out with its creator, they decided to bring the concept over to the Tails from the Federation franchise.