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Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart is an epic space opera comedy adventure, centered around a series of stories which are part of the larger MajesticBlue Transmedia Universe, thus sharing continuity with The Dynamite Twins and Friends and other franchises. Below is a list of "episodes" originally written by series creator Craig Black, to be later adapted in a potential animated series on YouTube. It also includes episodes from the documentary series SPCM Extra, the supplementary series SPCM Legends, and the spin-off series Bloody Cutlass.

Overview Edit

Original Story
Series Episodes Start Date End Date
1 13 2 October 2015 25 December 2015
2 13 29 April 2016 22 July 2016
3 13 30 September 2016 December 23 2016
4 13
5 13
Animated Series
Series Episodes Start Date End Date

Episodes Edit

Original Series Edit

The following are the episodes of Craig Black's story, which can be found on DeviantArt and other sites.

Series 1 (2015) Edit

Main article: Season 1

Series 2 (2016) Edit

Main article: Season 2

Series 3 (2016) Edit

Main article: Season 3

Series 4 (2017) Edit

Series 5 (2017) Edit

Animated Series Edit

Further information: Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart (animated series)

Series 1 (????) Edit

SPCM Extra Edit

Main article: SPCM Extra

SPCM Legends Edit

This is a supplementary series that expands on the mythos of Captain MacTaggart, available on the official YouTube channel.

Episode Title Written by Release date
1 The Stellar Exodus
2 The Federation and the Coalition

Bloody Cutlass Edit

Main article: List of Bloody Cutlass episodes


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