Kumiko Mori is the twin sister of Captain Jaws MacTaggart, and the mother of Kyoko Mori.

Persona Edit

Like her sister, Kumiko has a rebellious streak, but hers is more a desire to go against the gender conventions of her generation. This is exemplified by her working as a locomotive driver in the Minato Dockyards; typically a man's world. She is also shown to take pride in her work, and develop a leadership attitude.

Physical Description Edit

Kumiko bares much of a resemblance to her twin sister, (only has both of her eyes) She is mostly seen dressed in her engineer uniform, which consist of a red suit, white trousers, boots and a cap. she even wears protective glasses over her eyes when she works.

Background Edit

Trivia Edit

- Artist, Jake Elmer enjoys drawing her a lot due to his love for trains and railways.

-She operates a steam engine known as the Bone Crusher.

Gallery Edit

Runaway Train

Based on a possible episode idea pitched by Jake.