Kilkenny V is the fifth planet in the Kilkenny System, in the Irish-settled Mogan Cluster.

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History Edit

As part of the Stellar Exodus, the Irish had a little

When the Independent Coalition of Stars had formed, the Irish was caught in the middle - specifically, at the border of Federation and Coalition space.

Inhabitants Edit

As the Mogan Cluster was colonised by the Irish, several clans have settled in various parts within said cluster. For instance, the O'Shaughnessy mostly settled on Galway II, but a few members, namely Clyde, have lived on this planet to this day.

Trivia Edit

  • Kilkenny was named after the real-life city (and county) of the same name in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Going further, the Mogan Cluster was named after Elizabeth Mogan, one of the creators of the Tails from the Federation collection, and Jordann Edwards' closest friend.