Jason the Qwikster is a character who appears in Bloody Cutlass. He is the navigator of Darkblade's ship, who is also the bastard son of the notorious pirate Grey.

Character description Edit

Physical appearance Edit

He is a lion-leopard hybrid (technically termed a "lipard"). He's got the mane of a lion, but the spots of a leopard. He has blue streaks on parts of his mane and on the tip of his tail.

Persona Edit

Jason is very quick to act, and he can get very impatient.

Despite that, he's a bit of a comic relief, and offers up some pretty dry humour. He's very street smart, and loves playing video games (especially Pac-Man). He can be a bit of a Casanova, something a certain Shep doesn't mind.

He's a good strategist and navigator, and is an overall cool guy.

Powers and abilities Edit

He's enhanced with the powers of super-speed and time manipulation. He's able to slow down time and "fix up" any little detail. He's also able to create dimensional vortexes.

Background Edit

After Jason was born, his mother, a representative of a Chinese colony planet, raised him when Grey abandoned them. As he got older, his powers began manifesting. He found that while his mother was still pregnant, she was exposed to the powers of the Stone of Dimensions. Unfortunately, this took a toll on her health.

After his mother's death, Jason set out on his own, while looking for his father. To get by, he started stealing various items; unsurprisingly, he's had various run-ins with the law.

He was recruited by Darkblade to search for the missing piece of the Colvin Triad. After helping defeat Primadonna, he officially joins the Cutlass crew.

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