Grosvenor is a character who first appeared in Bloody Cutlass as Darkblade's arch-rival, and has also appeared in Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

Character description Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Grosvenor is a black fox with yellowish-gold eyes.

His outfit is a blend of whites with red trim.

Persona Edit

Grosvenor is more of a gentlemanly figure, a stark contrast to his more sex-crazed arch-rival. In fact, people wonder why such a gentleman ended up being a pirate.

Background Edit

Nor much is known about Grosvenor, but he was born in a village long ago.

One day, he met a gypsy, once he found out that she was a witch, he was forced by the people to kill her, but couldn't, because he was in love with her. He accidentally surrounded her in flames, leading the villagers to vanquish her. Before the gypsy witch died, she cursed him with demonic powers, gaining increased speed and endurance, and immortality.

Having the burden of being an outcast, he left his village. Over the next centuries, he took up piracy, but not like other pirates.

Eventually, he found a new love, a black fox just like him. Later on, he had a child, but because the child was draining her life force, the mother died during childbirth. Grosvenor ended up putting the child up for foster care.

Later on, he did cross paths with another space pirate, a German Shepherd who calls himself Darkblade. This wouldn't be the last time...

During yet another Federation invasion, he decided to swoop in, and he would rescue one Jaws MacTaggart. Her husband Finbar was at least jealous.

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Creators' notes Edit

  • Jordann Edwards would like to have David Boreanaz to bring Grosvenor to life.
    • He has hinted that Grosvenor was along the lines of Angel, the character Boreanaz played.
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