Grey is a character who is best known for gaining a reputation for being the most notorious space pirate in all the cosmos. He was created as a character in Ghosts of Earth, but the character was retooled to become an antagonist in Bloody Cutlass.

Character description Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Grey is a lion who stands at around 7 feet tall, among the tallest of all the characters.

Persona Edit


Background Edit

Not much was known about Grey's past... He was born in a Welsh town, and was raised with his only sister, Scarlet. His lifelong dream was to join the Stellar Federation. His journey would begin when he left Earth as a teenager.

Joining the Federation Edit

Upon joining the Military Police, he took on board a destroyer ship, which he dubbed the HMS Pride. His exceptional ability earned him the invitation to join the Oshan Akuma. So, he retired the Pride to become a high-ranking officer.

Banished from the Federation Edit

There was a major scandal involving an incident, and Grey ended up taking the blame. Around the same time, a young Zeus Barratt would join the ship.

After an intense power struggle, Grey was effectively given two options: execution or banishment. All in all, the lion was betrayed. So he left, with all his hopes and dreams, shattered.

Turn to Piracy Edit

He decided to take his anger against the Federation by becoming a space pirate. In fact, he was the one who founded Herfang Pirates, working his way up to becoming the most feared pirate in the cosmos.

At some point, he rescues a young Darkblade who was left for dead. After his team "revived" the Shep, he takes him under his wing and trained him as part of Herfang.

Aftermath Edit

No-one knows what happened, but his disappearance shook parts of the Galaxy.

Trivia Edit

  • Grey's creator, Elizabeth Mogan, calls him a broken character whose dreams have been crushed.
    • He was also inspired mostly by the character Scar, from the 1994 Disney animated film The Lion King.