Ghosts of Earth was a series of stories developed by Elizabeth Mogan. It was part of the Tails from the Federation collection of sci-fi tales. It was intended to be a prequel to Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart and Bloody Cutlass. It has since been shelved by Mogan, with its characters and themes absorbed into the other stories within Tails.

Overview Edit

Before there was a Stellar Typhoon, before there was a Galactic Liberation Front, there was the First Star Fleet. Their long mission: to return to Earth while avoiding hostile forces.

History Edit


Ghosts symbol

The symbol of Ghosts of Earth, drawn by Elizabeth Mogan.

Influences Edit


Characters Edit

The Fleet Edit

  • Captain Willow:
  • Joshua Drake:
  • Gem Amara:
  • Moxxie Athena:

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