Elizabeth Marie Mogan (born January 31, 1996 in Ashville, Ohio) is an American aspiring artist and storyteller, and one of the creators and overseers of Tails from the Federation, alongside Craig Black and Jordann William Edwards.

Background Edit

Elizabeth met Jordann Edwards on their first day of college, and quickly became friends upon learning what they had in common (for instance, while looking at some of his artwork, she pointed out that it reminded her of the video game series Crash Bandicoot). They remained close even after dropping out of college.

She was inspired by MacTaggart to create her own space opera series, entitled Ghosts of Earth. She would then become part of the creative team of not only MacTaggart, but the Tails from the Federation collection as a whole.

Contributions Edit

  • Developing the character of Darkblade (namely, his backstory) with Edwards.
  • Contributing ideas to expand the universe:
    • The creation of the supplementary series SPCM Legends.
    • Co-creating Bloody Cutlass with Edwards.

Trivia Edit

  • A self-professed geek, her current interests are Star Wars, Doctor Who, DC Comics, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • She doesn't have a favourite character, though she has admired Darkblade quite a bit.