Crew behind Captain MacTaggart

The Faces behind SPCM.

Listed here are the members of the production team behind Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart.

Main members Edit

Craig Black Edit

Craig Black (born August 20th 1998 in Fife, Scotland) is a young artist and writer, and the creator of Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart. He was inspired by the British radio series Space Gypsy, as well as the Canadian series The Raccoon, and the Japanese shows of Star Fleet and Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

JW Edwards Edit

Jordann "JW" Edwards (born January 22 1996 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an artist and writer, best known for creating The Dynamite Twins and Friends, and for being the architect of the KingsGator Characters Universe. As executive producer, he plays an important role in the series by contributing his own art work and advertising the show on Facebook and Tumblr.

His work can be found mainly on his DeviantArt page (and other social media) under the alias @JWthaMajestic.

He's also an electronic dance musician, producing under the alias Sedrik the Mutt.

Jake Elmer Edit

Jacob "Jake" Elmer (Born November 23 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona) is a cartoonist and musician, who illustrates and co-develops the series with Craig and Jordann. Craig and Jake first got to know each other on deviantART, and soon became friends thanks to a mutual interest in Space Gypsy, The Raccoons and Thomas the Tank Engine. Jake is also a an avid fan of Rock music and a railroad and firearms enthusiast, and his knowledge frequently comes in handy during the writing of the series.

Other than his Cartoon Career, Jake is also a professional guitarist and Rock musician, and is currently working on an album. He often post music on his YouTube channel.

Additional help Edit

Elizabeth Mogan Edit

Elizabeth Mogan (born January 31 1996) is an aspiring artist known for her series of drawings called The Book of Color. She and Jordann met at the Art Institute of Ohio, and quickly became friends through a mutual interest in cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and such video games as Crash Bandicoot. Recently, she has started work on a new series entitled Ghosts of Earth, a space adventure along the lines of Captain MacTaggart.