Bloody Cutlass is a potential animated series. Created by Jordann Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan, the series is a spin-off of the Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart animated series. It is set in the ColorWorld Universe, like its parent series.

This particular series will focus on the pirate captain Darkblade, and the titular ship; as such, it will be much more pirate-themed, and it will explore topics like sexuality, thievery, and the notion that "not all pirates are bad".

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Darkblade is the captain on board the Bloody Cutlass. In one twist of fate, he was reunited with an old friend, Captain Alister Hawkins.

This series answers the question: "what does Darkblade do when he's not pursuing Jaws MacTaggart?"

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When Jordann Edwards was discussing story ideas with SPCM creator Craig Black, he has had this idea of a spin-off, that has Darkblade be the "good guy". He pointed out a collaboration piece that he did with his partner, Elizabeth Mogan, that depicted Darkblade in a prison, sitting beside her Ghosts of Earth character, Captain Alister Hawkins.

Edwards considers it to be the Torchwood of the MacTaggart series.